Travel Chic Mom's Mission:

Inspire Moms to

Stay Chic and Travel On.


Maybe you're like us, you have wanderlust in your veins. You want to climb every mountain and ford every stream, you never hesitate to hop on the plane/train/bus/car/bike/horse to follow the rainbow.

And then one day, your little bundle of joy arrived, and with parenthood came new responsibilities and challenges. Diapers, strollers, cribs are just the beginning, keeping kids curious and entertained is the on-going lesson, and seeing the wanderlust in their eyes is the ultimate satisfaction.

Travel is not only about displacements, it's also a metaphor for the life-long journey. We're all in it together, we long to discover new places, new ideas, new flavors, and most importantly, each other.

Welcome to Travel Chic Mom. A place where we can wander, where we can share, and where we can blossom together.

Welcome aboard!